Made by people who want relationships

You're not a photo, you are a personality. Don't just settle, let others meet the real you at our many relaxed virtual events. You are someone's katch!


Ever feel misunderstood?

Katch provides a deeper analysis of people which makes it super easy for others to understand the real you. You are more than a photo.

You are a katch not "a like"!

Katch allows members to praise other virtues of others, like sincerity, charisma, humor and physique,. Providing better interaction.

Events make it easier to engage!

Katch hosts a wide range of fun daily events to suit all interests that bring members together, making it super easy to chat with anyone.

We know you want to find love!

Our aim is to place you infront of people which we know you will be attracted to and get along with. We also aim to provide a real "wingman" service in order to help you achieve your dating goals.

Ever felt that you already swiped past love, focusing on the photo and not the person? Well katch eliminates this and presents real people as they are in person.
” Paul Numan, CEO


Video Dating is the fastest way to find what you want and establish a real connection.

Katch is the only dating app that is 100% video. This means all profiles and interactions are real and provide an exact feeling of who you are.

If you are not used to video then it might feel a little unnerving at the start but you will soon understand the benefits and feel at ease.

The greatest feeling our members receive is how easy events enable everyone to interact and have fun. So go on and give Katch a try for yourself!