Dating after lockdown

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 18th May 2021

Dating after lockdown

The Katch team in Wexford offers some quick tips to help increase your confidence in the build up to meeting people face to face once the lockdown ends. Eventhough the majority of singles use online dating each day, there is no comparison to meeting someone for real. So to get Irish singles back to their best, here are a few tips to brush up on your skills.

1. Practice, practice, practice - speak to everyone, no matter the age or gender. Research shows that 50% of our day runs on autopilot so the more chatting with people the more it will feel natural when it's with someone we really like.

2. Ask questions and listen - research shows that weird and wonderful questions spark the best interest from anyone. Most people are bored with the same old, where are you from, what do you do, etc. People are excited by different things. Once you ask the question, let the other person talk and keep engaging so they feel comfortable. Keep focusing in a nice subtle way on them until they start to reciprocate.

3. People like others with higher value - leaving looks, clothes and the entire art of peacocking aside. People are drawn to things they want and perceive as of higher value. So with this the basics are stand tall, speak slowly and establish eye contact. Eye contact is an art form so once established, maintain from time to time during your engagement but don't stare.

4. Be nice and stern - everyone likes people who are nice and kind to people around them. So make an extra effort while in the company of others, as you never know who is checking you out. Never be rude, as it's an instant turn off but so is not standing up for yourself - so think before you act.

5. Eye contact means act now - if someone checks you out "you know what I mean" it's their message to you that they like what they see. This is your opportunity to walk over and ask that silly question from point 2. Don't over think, just do.

quote 6. Have fun and stay sober - I'm not saying don't drink, but don't waste the time drinking too much and do not hold your drink close to your chest - drink and put it down. Get comfortable standing with your hands by your side. Remember this is fun and you should look like you are having the time of your life as point 3 matters.

At katch we have virtual dating events each day for all social interest groups, which would be a great opportunity to brush up on your speaking to people face to face skills; in the build up to pubs reopening.

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Brandon Howard
Apr 20, 2021 | 24 minutes ago

We all hope we can get back socialising as soon as possible. Good luck with Katch!

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