Singletons – need nightclubs open again

  • By Paul Numan
  • Posted 28th April 2021

Singletons – need nightclubs open again

The pandemic has taken so much joy away from our lives and building up to the May Bank Holiday weekend with bars and clubs being shut; tensions are rising among Irish singletons. The weekend weather forecast is not helping either, as it’s due to bring gloom to the Irish skies and to the frolicking singles; the need to socialise inside is back on the agenda.

Well help is on the horizon in the form of a new fun startup from Wexford, happily named Katch. Katch is a mingling app that simulates the nightclub environment – without the nervousness of trying to approach and chat with random strangers. Everything on katch is video based so all profiles are real and uptodate. Live Djs play cool gigs in the midst of relaxed video mingling sessions.

Have you ever watched someone on a dating app swiping left and right fifty times in a few minutes and not even blinking an eyelid to wonder about their personality? Now cast yourself back to a memory in a nightclub where you saw someone that didn’t attract you at first but after a while in their company you were left in awh of their aura and fell head over heels – with katch we aim to simulate this exact feeling.

quote According to the founder Paul Numan from Katch “If I go out with my friends to a normal night club, I might chat with maybe 2-3 single women in a night. With Katch I can engage with 30 plus women a night so my opportunities of meeting someone that matches me are far better and real!”

This Friday the 30th April, Katch has DJ Markus Lawyer playing his EDM show and we are giving away the opportunity for 50 singletons from the greater Dublin area to attend for free. For more information please contact us.

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Brandon Howard
Apr 20, 2021 | 24 minutes ago

We all hope we can get back socialising as soon as possible. Good luck with Katch!

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